HMS Hermes R12 Version 2 Phase 1 update 1

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DCS: World 2.5
HMS Hermes R12 Version 2 Phase 1 update 1

HMS Hermes R12 Version 2 Phase 1 update 1

Автор - Joey45
Дата - 15.05.2020 09:59
Update 1  of my Hermes mod

Might not work properly in 2.5.5.

Change log for

-Updated mesh on some parts
-Updated Various UV layouts
-Updated textures
-Updated lighting < less bright
-Smoothed out deck collision mesh so the "hump" isn't to aggressive < it's there on the real one*
-Added 8 spawn points for Helicopters and 4 spawn points for the Harriers < seems like it's hard coded to 4
-added a blank livery

Added default liveries of -
HMS Centaur R06 - deck code C
HMS Albion R07 - Deck code Z
HMS Bulwark R08 - Deck code B
INS Viraat R22 - Deck Code V

Shout out to Automan for helping me on the Weapons.

Update 2  will in include any bug fixes and improved textures. Will probably be in multiple downloads as the max file size is 300megs

Look out for the PSD files I will be uploading,
Deck template >

*It's still there but it's more smoother transition so you still need to learn how to take off properly.
You need to take into account of your weight and take off distance and speed which is completely different than the Tarawa.

Also link to the texture bug fix for the Seacats
Any Qs ask me in the forum post ><a class="txttohtmllink" href="">
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