SRS for DCS VoiceAttack v2.0 by Bailey

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SRS for DCS VoiceAttack v2.0 by Bailey

SRS for DCS VoiceAttack v2.0 by Bailey

Автор - asherao
Дата - 23.02.2020 13:17:43
Use Voice Attack to change your radios and transponder with the new SRS update (! Check it out version 1.0 in action:

You MUST remember some important things when saying frequencies:

1. Say "point". Example: “radio 1 frequency one two three point five two five”

2. This VA profile simulates actual frequencies. Basically, frequencies are adjusted in 0.025 hops. For example: 123.000, then 123.025, then 123.050, then 123.075, then 123.100, then 123.125, etc. Just say the freq you want and you should be fine. Don’t make freqs up. You don’t have to say trailing zeros.

3. Mode 1 is 2 digits, 0-7.

4. Mode 3 is 4 digits, 0-7.

5. Use the commands when the chat box is un-selected (eg, you are not already typing something).

6. Read the Readmee!

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