Operation Salvage v1.2

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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
Operation Salvage v1.2

Operation Salvage v1.2

Автор - rokkett
Дата - 09.06.2020 08:03
An F-117a Nighthawk has made an emergency landing in hostile territory.
A Search and Rescue team is enroute via helo to extract the pilot.
You will provide top cover.
Your primary mission is to support the SAR team in the recovery of the downed airman, and ensure the safe return of all involved.
Your secondary mission is to destroy the F-117 to deny stealth technology falling into the wrong hands.

A simple mission to practice some of the basic mission set of the naval aviator, including carrier operations, AAR, and employment of air-to-air and air-to ground weapons.

LANTIRN mod recommended, but not essential.

V1.2 Update 09/06/2020
- Changed F-117 faction so that player does not get "fratricide" penalty on destroying the F-117 in DCS World 2.5.6.
- Added Operation Salvage - SC version.

V1.1 Update 17/5/2020:
- tweaks
- added a degree of randomization to RedAir
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