Arab Spring F-14B Tomcat 3 versions

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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
Arab Spring F-14B Tomcat 3 versions

Arab Spring F-14B Tomcat 3 versions

Тип - Кампания
Автор - florenceSSD
Дата - 25.01.2020 16:31:39
11 missions of A-A, A-G. Lots of custom made voice overs and trigger points, so stick to the Nav Waypoints as precisely as possible. Airboss script used throughout the campaign for added realism.

As always, constructive comments and suggests appreciated.

Frustrated with Iran's constant saber rattling, Syria and Iraq have formed an unprecedented Alliance and moved on western Iran. World leaders have watched on with amazement, as the Arab Alliance has slowly taken territory in Western Iran, despite the Ayatollah putting all the Iranian Military into stopping the push.

The Arab Alliance has now taken land as far east as Bakhtegan Lake, East of Shiraz Airfield (which is also in the hands of the Alliance). The Iranian Leadership has swallowed it's pride and reached out to Western Governments, in the hope that with "The Great Satan" helping them out, this Alliance can be pushed back into Iraq

With Shiraz Airfield firmly under Alliance control, they are pounding Iranian ground forces, with daily air attacks. Syrian and Iraqi SU24s, are bombing troops, driving them back despite Iranian air support. Arab Alliance CAP's have taken out a large percentage of Iranian fighters, forcing the Ayatollahs hand into pleading for help.

The John C Stennis CBG has been diverted in the Arabian Gulf, as the first of Western Support forces. The Iranian Leadership has put restrictions on where Western forces can transit and operate over their territory. As such, you are to be mindful of ingress and egress routes, so as not to upset the host nation.

Syrian Skins

Iraq MiG29 Skin

Iranian F-14 skin

Military Aircraft Mod


Major overhaul of all missions, to include trigger updates, change of units as campaign progresses,
Inclusion of CVN-77 USS George W Bush (folder included in download. Place in USER/SAVED GAMES/DCS/MODS/TECH). Second carrier, more aircraft!
Added Inbound flights to clutter up the landing pattern. YOU MUST LAND AFTER EVERY MISSION TO COMPLETE!!

New version to overcome poor Hornet Harpoon throwing

29May 2020
Download now contains: MODS -2.5.5 only compatible
                                      No MODS - 2.55 and 2.5.6
                                      SC No MODS - Super Carrier 2.5.6

7 Jun 2020:
Fixed SC Msn#1 Deck configuration
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