NATO Strike Force - mission 2

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
 NATO Strike Force - mission 2

NATO Strike Force - mission 2

Автор - Talon Karde
Дата - 25.01.2020 06:06
Tensions are growing in the Persian Gulf. After a first bombing run in mission 1 (available here:, Iran conducted retaliation strikes with SCUD lauchers. UN has authorized the use of force once again against strategic assets.

Today mission is to suppress air defenses to open a corridor to French Navy Rafales M. Their target is a command center and facilities where an enemy general is hiding and plans SCUD strikes against United Arab Emirates.

For this mission to fully work, you need 2 outstanding mods :
- DCS MOD CHARLES DE GAULLE 2.5.5 BETA (Cuesta Brothers):
- DCS MOD RAFALES 2.5.5 BETA (Cuesta brothers):

USS John C. Stennis and R91 Charles-de-Gaulle are lauching once again a strike against Iranian targets north of Bandar Lengeh.

Your 4 F/A-18C flight will attack enemy SAMs while 2 groups of 2 Rafales M will bomb the targets. 4 other Hornets will provide an escort against enemu MiG-29s and F-14s.
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