The other side of the COIN

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DCS: World 2.5
L-39 Albatros
The other side of the COIN

The other side of the COIN

Автор - JonathanRL
Дата - 25.11.2019 06:40
Can you find a target only using vague directions and see it using only your eyes? We are about to find out.

This single player mission will handle light attack duties in the L-39C, L-39ZA, MB-339, UH-1 or MI-8 to handle a number of Counterinsurgency Tactics. You will be required to act on vague instructions and using local knowledge - and sharp eyes - to find your objective. This mission can be played with one to eight players. Recommended amount of players is 2 or 3 with one player flying in a backseat as extra observer or mission coordinator.

The year is 2008. Georgia is in shambles after the War against Russia. The Air Force is not in a state to conduct operations. The grey operator "Freedom for Hire" has been hired, officially as contractors to train the Air Force in Western Jets. Unofficially, they are now Georgias Mercenary Air Force.

Available Aircraft: L-39C, L-39ZA, MB-339, C-101
Available Helicopters: UH-1 Huey, Mi-8 Hip

The Standard Mission have the L-39C and L-39ZA as well as the helicopters.
The MB-339 Edition of the Mission have the L-39ZA and the MB-339 as well as the helicopters.

Reduced number of YAK 52
Added 2x Flyable C-101CC for both missions as Freedom 5 and Freedom 6.
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