Practice Emergency Procedures on the C-101CC

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DCS: World 2.5
C-101 Aviojet
Practice Emergency Procedures on the C-101CC

Practice Emergency Procedures on the C-101CC

Автор - Rudel-Chw
Дата - 16.11.2019 20:03:29
The recent enhancements to both the Damage Model and the Failures Tab, encouraged me to learn more about how to proceed when facing a flight emergency on this trainer aircraft. To that end, I edited a couple of Missions where failures can occur:

C101CC - M01 - Practice Emergency : Allows you to choose a specific Emergency to occur, so that you can practice the corresponding Emergency procedure.

C101CC - M02 - Random Emergency : This mission produces a single serious failure within a 30 minute flight, but it doesn't tell the pilot what system has failed; the player has to determine that from the symptoms and alerts that the aircraft produces. When the flight ends, he is told what was the failure that he confronted.

The Kneeboard includes a custom section with Emergency Procedures taken from the manual of the real plane.

These Missions make use of the following Mod:  VPC Airfield Objects. It can be downloaded from here: and it requires a hotfix that can be downloaded from here:

These are the Failures that M01 allows you to practice:

1 Electrical:
11 Generator Failure
12 Starter Failure
13 Batteries Failure
14 Inverters Failure

2 Engine:
21 Engine Flameout w/o Relight
22 Engine Flameout with Relight
23 Engine Seized
24 Engine anti-ice Failure
25 Engine Computer Fail (manual mode)
26 Engine Computer Total Fail (back-up mode)

3 Systems:
31 Oil Pressure Drop
32 Chip in Oil
33 Fuel Leak
34 Hydraulic Leak

4 Flight Control:
41 Elevator Loss
42 Aileron Loss
43 Rudder Loss
44 Pitch Trim Runaway - Nose Up
45 Pitch Trim Runaway - Nose Down
46 Control Stick pitch trim switch
47 Control Stick aileron trim switch
48 Rudder trim failure
49 Airbrake autotrim cutout malfunction

5 Landing Gear/Flaps:
51 Left Gear extension Fault
52 Right Gear extension Fault
53 Nose Gear extension Fault
54 Left Gear retraction Fault
55 Right Gear retraction Fault
56 Nose Gear retraction Fault
57 Flaps fault

6 Instruments:
61 Pitot tube blocked
62 Static Port blocked
63 ILS receiver GS signal fail
64 ILS receiver LOC signal fail
65 VOR receiver nav signal fail
66 DME signal fail
67 ADF receiver indication fail
68 Radio altimeter signal fail
69 Gunsight lamps failure

Mission M02 produces only serious Failures, on each flight you will confront one amongst these 21:
01 Generator Failure
02 Batteries Failure
03 Inverters Failure
04 Engine Flameout w/o Relight
05 Engine Flameout with Relight
06 Engine Seized
07 Engine Computer Fail (manual mode)
08 Engine Computer Total Fail (back-up mode)
09 Oil Pressure Drop
10 Chip in Oil
11 Fuel Leak
12 Hydraulic Leak
13 Elevator Loss
14 Aileron Loss
15 Rudder Loss
16 Pitch Trim Runaway - Nose Up
17 Pitch Trim Runaway - Nose Down
18 Left Gear extension Fault
19 Right Gear extension Fault
20 Nose Gear extension Fault
21 Flaps fault
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