M-2000C Cockpit Indication Fix

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DCS: World 2.5
M-2000C Cockpit Indication Fix

M-2000C Cockpit Indication Fix

Автор - sedenion
Дата - 10.10.2020 08:58
Full high definition rework of cockpit displays, HDD (Radar Screen) and VTH symbologies of the Mirage 2000C by RAZBAM for both a better fidelity to the real aircraft and a better visual experience.

Version 1.9 (10/10/2020) for DCS World

* General

  - All symbologies and fonts textures redone using pixel-aligned vector graphic
  - New textures pack in DDS format for better quality alpha mipmapping

* HUD Symbology Rework

  - New HUD font, two separate textures for large and small text
  - Adjusted HUD font dot character width for correct font spacing
  - New "zoom-proof" HUD heading tape texture with corrected ratio
  - Fixed HUD heading tape mipmaping problem
  - New "zoom-proof" HUD symbology texture with harmonized style and tickness
  - HUD elements rationally aligned together according real data & best guess
  - Fixel HUD dynamic elements opacity and brighness control
  - HUD symbology color adjusted and default opacity fixed.

* VTB (radar screen) Symbology Rework

  - New VTB font texture
  - New "zoom-proof" VTB grid textures with correct alignment
  - Fixed VTB grid textures mipmaping problem
  - New "zoom-proof" VTB heading tape textures with corrected ratio
  - Fixed VTB heading tape mipmaping problem
  - New "zoom-proof" VTB symbology texture
  - VTB grid, font and symbology textures style harmonized with screen effect
  - VTB elements rationally aligned together according real data & best guess
  - VTB symbology color slightly adjusted

* RWR Symbology Rework

  - New dedicated RWR font texture
  - New RWR symbology texture
  - RWR font and symbology style harmonized with screen effect
  - RWR elements rationally aligned and adjusted for better readability
  - RWR symbology color adjusted

* Miscellaneous Cockpit Displays Rework

  - New PCA font texture closer to the real digital display
  - PCA digits position slightly corrected
  - PCA digits color slightly adjusted
  - New common LCD font texture.
  - Adjusted position for fuel gauge and PPA bomb display
  - New radio Dot-Matrix font texture.
  - Changed UHF radio display from LCD to Dot-Matrix
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