The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (NTTR) 2.0.5a

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DCS: World 2.5
The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (NTTR) 2.0.5a

The Round Table - ♻ Dynamic Sandbox (NTTR) 2.0.5a

Автор - JoseKbr
Дата - 04.12.2019 08:57

✈ MOOSE mission using automatic and endless units generation.

✈ Dynamic A2G task generation for players







✈ Smarter SAM systems

Forum Post:

Since i started to work on this kind of mission a long time ago, my main goal was to just create a training environment for me and my squadron, but i don't like to "know" fr om where to bad guys are going to come fr om... then i found MOOSE and started learning the code.

This is the result.

You are just NO ONE in an "ongoing confrontation" the tasks pops up over time, when your allied units detect a group of ground targets, then, you can check your radio menu, sel ect the HQ (STENNIS in this case), and sel ect the mission you want to complete. There are a lot of options to "control" what you do, you can even ask to "mark the target location" on the F10 map and not joining that task, there is no restrictions on how you want to fly this mission.

FOX Missile Trainer, has some "MOVING SAFE AREAS" around the carriers, when u are inside them, you're safe OFC, any incoming missile is going to be detonated at a safe distance, when you're outside those safe zones, and alert will pop up telling you fr om wh ere the missile it's coming and going to suggest you with the best notching course to evade that missile. (custom radio messages will play on each event: entering safe zone/ leaving safe zone / missile fired at you)

The "smart sam system" is just another MOOSE function, any SAM site in the operation area checks when you shot something at them, if is a SEAD missile, there is a chance that they'll shut their radars off and move a little to evade the incoming missile, making SEAD tasks more "harder".

ZEUS works just like the TTI one
to create a new spawn just place a map marker on the F10 MAP then type: -create nameofunit_color (Ie: -create fob1_red) then click on the red X of the map marker box
to delete units: place the map marker over the units you want to disappear and type: -destroy then click on the red X of the map marker box

The Jtac unit from the ZEUS script works with MOOSE Designation Script, if you spawn it over a mission area it'll lase the targets below prioritizing highest threats

When u don't need that jtac spawn anymore, just place a map marker anywhere and type -delete jtac then click on the red X of the map marker box.

I think i covered all the usable planes and helicopters, but if i forgot to add something, ask for it and i'll add it when possible.

Main features are:

✈ MOOSE mission using automatic and endless units generation.
✈ Dynamic task generation for BAI / SEAD / ANTI SHIP
✈ AI CAPs (Moose AI_A2A_Dispatcher)
✈ Smarter sams
✈ FOX missile trainer
✈ Custom version of ZEUS (the same one from TTI - TY deadly for letting me use it)
✈ CTDL script

I tried to make both versions the most "performance friendly" possible, it only spawns something if a previous group got totally wiped out.

Any suggestion would be appreciated, I've worked on this one for quite some time privately for my squadron and today i decided to make a public version...

Hope you guys have fun in it.-

EDIT: if u wanna add some MOD planes, just copy any client group and change the plane for the one you want, my script recognizes the "dingbat font" (the little plane in front of each client group name) to add it to the set of clients planes ready for tasking...

Also, please check the forum post for some more details:

★ DeadlyFishes And Topper (for zeus script)
★ NoLove for his FSM scripts
★ Pikey for sharing his no detection dynamic tasking script
★ FlightControl for MOOSE!

- Removed A4 MOD requirement
- listed more stuff / functions / scripts included that i forgot to mention since release 1.0

- Minor Fixes

- Toned down A2G patrols

- Changed JTAC designation system, moved to the MOOSE version one, check JTAC radio menu and try the new designation options.
- JTACS will auto-lase highest threats first (only lase, for 'combo' designation request it on the radio menu)
- Moved to a more performance friendly version of the A2A caps dispatchers, highly experimental, created by Nolove from moose, ty buddy!
- Added F15C and F16 to the pool list of allied A2A ready units
- Added Tornado and F-5E-3 to the pool list of enemy A2A ready units
- Added F16 to the pool list of allied A2G (BAI) ready units
- Changed weather to Static
- Fixed vulnerable JTAC units
- Added ZEUS SAM spawns to the smart SAM system too (now they are evasive too!)
- Cleaned carrier decks to avoid MP issues.

- Upd ated MOOSE
- Updated @nolove's scripts
- Added F16 client group
- A2G tasks will be auto assigned for each client.

- Removed Air to Ground tasking for humans (less menus, no spam msgs, more FPS)
- Now ground threats are marked on F10 map with a simple map marker:
  ✔ Map Markers can be deleted manually
  ✔ Map Markers can be used by Jester to create new waypoints
- Removed air to ground dispatching module from the runtime, the strikes groups are still present, but i let 'em do what they want
- Reduced clouds density (more fps?? who knows...)

- Data-link wasn't working - TY @Scotch from Moose discord for the good catch.
- Since it's a training mission i revealed all units on the F10 Map (feedback about this option would be rly appreciated)

★ CHANGELOG VER 1.6c (Sry for 2 updates in a day... no more for at least a week)
- To avoid issues with DCS modules... added 3 Waypoints for all planes:
  ✔ WP1 = Bullseye
  ✔ WP2 = AO / Editable WPT (F16C TGP)
  ✔ WP3 = Landing / Home
- Added ability to mute radio chatter for A2G or A2A kills
- Added a moving safe zone radius of 1000 meters around the tanker, you are safe from missiles while taking fuel now
- Changed Tanker type to KC-135 so the new F-16C can AR -properly-
- Restored audio alerts when a missile is fired against you
- Removed hot starting units from Stennis deck (AWACS)
- Expanded the spawns strike templates from 4 to 11 for the sake of target diversity
- Expanded the SAM systems, added HAWK, SA11, SA10, Buk
- Implemented -finally- a system to give tasks to players using not detection at all (thanks to pikes for sharing his script long time ago)
- Due to the change above, the spawned groups are fixed, 3 of each task (NAVAL, STRIKE, SEAD)
- Overall, performance has increased a little - again -

- ¿FIXED? a spawning error on the spawn scheduler function...

- Changed difficulty level of all units to excellent
- Changed loadouts of all enemy planes, almost all of 'em have BVR capability now
- Went back to Ciribob JTAC Autolase Script (i know... ppl doesn't like menus)
- Added my "fobs" templates to the list of possible targets spawn for BAI (Strike) tasking
- Added Game Master Units (x1) to both sides <-- need testing, i'm not a MP person, things tends to go FUBAR on multiplayer
- Added a new type of BAI tasking "HARD" this one combines a random selection of a big FOB template + a random selection of SAM groups, i wasn't able to complete this task in 1 sortie (playing SOLO)
- Changed the spawn method of air units, now instead of 3 caps of 2 units each, u have 6 caps of 1 unit each
- Fixed a ZEUS group not spawning (unnoticed 'till report of forum user @raven80, thanks buddy!)
- Added a few more locations for Naval units spawn
- Added menu options for "call support" CAS / SEAD / ANTI-SHIP, i don't recommend abuse of 'em thou, if a IA group finish a task in your place it will possible break that task status check, and u'll have to join an empty task and let the script "know" that there are no remaining units and change the status of that task to "Succeed"

- New moose version
- Updated @Nolove's scripts
- Added more Kneeboard pages
- Added a new tanker (correct radio freq on every plane -CH20-)
- Corrected the "game master mode" - in 1.8 i added game master units but did not activated the option to control 'em... yeah, don't say nothing... :P
- Raised the Temp on all maps (negative numbers was preventing F18 units to 'autostart', thanks for reporting this weird thing)
- Removed Marshal / LSO Shifts

- Update Nolove scripts
- Removed some sounds
- Removed surrexen scripts
- Created my own sound script with MOOSE and not dcs api
- Tweaked spawns
- Added more planes to the enemy pool (F15, F18, F16, F14)
- Adjusted some loadouts
- Created new groups templates for BAI HARD task (now EVERY unit is counted in the task brief for this mission)
- Increased the quantity of enemy ships for each task (x3 ships per task)
- Increased the number of active Anti Ship Tasks

- Disbanded ALL flight groups (a pain the ass) now EVERY plane is a section leader (this 'should' solve the duplicated task / airboss msgs for everyone)
- Added Kuznetsov carrier + 6 more Su-33 on the deck
- Minor script changes to handle the new carrier

- Kuznetsov crew was overdosed with diazepam. They were really anxious to shoot everything on sight
- Added NTTR version. It's at the same development level of the other 2 missions
- Name change: from now on the missions will be named "The Round Table - Dynamic Sandbox" yeah, Ace Combat fan here lol.
- (Thanks BIGNEWY for updating the forum post name!)

- Stopped Kuznetsov shooting at everything... for real this time (don't apply to NTTR ofc)
- Switched back the normal air units dispatcher methods ('till Nolove find what the hell i f****d up in the script, i know you work a lot buddy, sorry for bring more problems to ya)
- Reduced the number of auto generated tasks to 1 of each (HUGE performance boost) BUT (see line below)
- Added menus to create tasks on demand
- Removed fog in Gulf theatre
- Reduced Clouds in Gulf

- Added more spawns templates for BAI tasks (total 22)
- Added more naval strikes templates (total 6, there is no much combos / options i can do here... shame)
- Added a few more sounds
- Added a function to increase visuals and damage of some ordinance types (now ordinance listed below will give an extra punch/visuals) || Thanks to the Korean guy SELIIS @ Discord for "show me da wae"
All types of bombs (no cluster included)
Mavericks (AGM65 and 75T)
Anti Radiation missiles (Sidearm and AGM-88 only)
Anti Ship missiles (AGM84, RB04 and RB15)

- Caucasus: - Rearranged the 150 spawn points around the map
            - Rearranged the naval spawn points

- Nevada:     - Moved all friendly units to Tonopah Test Range AB (reflected the changes on the kneeboard / radios)
            - Changed location of Awacs / tanker units to be outside the combat area (Still, AI can engage you if they are close)
            - Rearranged the 150 spawn points to accordingly the new start location
- Changed BAI groups templates composition, only threat present now on those tasks are AAA (max), no more SAM's (thanks @solidGad for the feedback!!)
- Changed first task generation timing (on start) now each task is generated in a staggered way...
- Added Sound and MSG to coalition after a new task is created
- Added sounds notifications after each task status change (subscribed tasks)
- Added CSAR module for helicopters, now - some - pilots will survive the crash or successfully eject and when that happens a new CSAR task is generated (Lim it: 5 pilots, after that, no more task are created, to avoid task spamming)

- Separated Helicopters CSAR tasks from Plane tasks (but helis can still subscribe to SEAD / BAI / Anti Ship Tasks)
- Fixed a problem on my missions with CTDL (all maps), i was using units as logistic when it was supposed to be a STATIC unit... crate spawning wasn't working, sry for that, and thanks for the report @piolin23000
- Eliminated unnecessary pickup zones, now there is only one per base, but of 1500m radius
- Increased CTDL CRATE spawn range to 900 meters fr om Logistic points (represented by a Command Center Static object), knowing this, PLEASE don't go to nearest town and try to ask for a CRATE, ofc it won't work, if you do that don't report it, lol, just land near the orange smoke and proceed to a CRATE request via radio menu.-

- Se t the option to load cargo while on ground (CTDL)

- Added beacon sounds for CTDL, i'm a machine to break this kind of things, beacons wasn't working without those sounds.
- Removed all individual planes fr om TARAWA deck and created a simple group of clients (x4) - *issue #1 (READ:
- Rolled back to the classic Ciribob Jtac Autolase Script (i lost the count on how many times i jumped between lasing systems...)
- A Jtac drone will now spawn in the area of each BAI / SEAD / BAI (hard) tasks, and despawn when the task success >event< triggers, so YEAH, to make everything work as intended you actually have to join tasks. Jtacs units will also use random smoke colors. (and thanks Topper for pointing me out my error on this one, my brain just shut down sometimes, was an easy one...)
- Removed task creation with menu commands 'till i find a method to despawn the jtac in those particular tasks, yup im still 1000000% noob~~
- Changed 'EWR' units used for detection, they were generating new "awacs" menus
- Moved Airboss Radio relays to a FARP near the carrier group
- Scattered a little more the spawn points in GULF version

- Quick update to add the new JF-17 Thunder (starting hot - for now)
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