✪ CAPTURE THE FLAG ✪ ~ Caucasus

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DCS: World 2.5
✪ CAPTURE THE FLAG ✪ ~ Caucasus

✪ CAPTURE THE FLAG ✪ ~ Caucasus

Автор - JoseKbr
Дата - 05.11.2019 11:56
This is a classic PvPvE match style where players fight vs players and vs IA trying to capture the flag on the enemy side and bring it to their base.

The mission is based in "RagnarDa" scripts with a little punch of MOOSE Framework

The rules are quite simple (they are present on the briefing too)

✪ Each side must capture the "flag" on the enemy base - the flag is simulated with colored flares (red / green)

✪ When a player takes the flag, his plane starts launching flares of the color of the flag.

✪ Flag Carrier is defenseless, if the flag carrier shoot his weapons, the flag returns to the their homebase as a penalty

✪ If the flag carrier dies, the flag stay on the same spot where that unit died.

✪ All players are "caged" in the area, trying to escape result in insta-death.

The mission is really simple and for the laughs! maybe i'll do a Gulf Version later
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