Persian Gulf A10C - CAS over Marvdasht

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DCS: World 2.5
A-10C Warthog
Persian Gulf A10C - CAS over Marvdasht

Persian Gulf A10C - CAS over Marvdasht

Автор - toutenglisse
Дата - 18.11.2019 02:17
Update : modified little thing + some spawning zones. 1 was often making hostiles to stuck in buildings joining road. This problem can still happens but much less.

This is a simple CAS mission in Persian Gulf with A10c. Using some basic MIST functions.

Defend Blue outpost, South from Marvdasht, from hostile group waves spawning randomly in the valley. Number of waves is defined in Mission's trigger "Victory" (in rules, #4 Flag value defines the number of waves, by default it's 3. After completing default setting you can increase for exemple to 6-8 and have to rearm at Shiraz, giving time to hostiles to reach and engage Blue outpost). When a group is destroyed, next one spawns after 60s.

Labels are off, an orange smoke mortar shell is sent in the general area wh ere a hostile group has spawned, and if you struggle spotting them, locals will eventually throw red flares along hostiles travel to Blue outpost.

Radio ambience is played on UHF radio default 251.000Mhz AM. You can tune up/down the volume by turning volume control knob on "intercom" control panel, or turning off by changing UHF radio frequency.

You can choose to start mission "in flight" near CAS area, or at Shiraz Blue base ("hot" or "cold" start).
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