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DCS: World 2.5

Lens flare remover

Автор - Clorydric
Дата - 28.09.2019 13:13:20
Removes the lens flare effect that could be irritating in VR when you look at the sun. (rendered twice)

This mod removes the lens flare effect (ie. the colored hexagons that appear while looking at the sun) while keeping sun glare effect.
There's currently an issue in VR where this effect isn't "synced" between your eyes, so you'll see the flares twice.

If you prefer a more natural sun glare, you may have at look at Cluster's mod : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2262161/

Tested without issues in desktop and VR modes in OpenBeta build

Just drag'n'drop the content of the "MOD" folder to your DCS World folder. Overwrite if asked.

Drag'n'drop the content of the "ORIGINAL" folder to your DCS World folder. Overwrite if asked.

Manual mod :
1 ) Head to ...\DCSWorld\Bazar\shaders\PostEffects\
2 ) Make a backup copy of "lensEffect.fx"
3 ) Open the original lensEffect.fx with notepad++
4 ) Look for line 97, you'll find this :
    pass Ghosts    PASS_BODY(vsGhost(),    psGhost(),    aberrationBlend)

Replace the last argument by "disableColorOutput" so it will looks like :
    pass Ghosts    PASS_BODY(vsGhost(),    psGhost(),    disableColorOutput)

5 ) Save. You may also delete the fxo and metashaders2 content from you SavedGames\DCS folder if the effect is still applied.

This mod pass integrity check (IC).
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