DCSW KA-50 Georgian Oil War Campaign (Patch to Game) (v2.5x)

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DCS: World 2.5

DCSW KA-50 Georgian Oil War Campaign (Patch to Game) (v2.5x)

Тип - Кампания
Автор - MadDog-IC
Дата - 05.09.2019 02:28
This is the default Georgian Oil War Campaign for the Ka-50 Blackshark that comes with the game by default, that has fixes applied to make missions work as originally intended.

XXXX This is still "Work in Progress" to be completed at a later date and will be amended from time to time. XXXX

These missions are all Eagle Dynamics original work, but over the course of time, patches, and programming errors have arisen to break the missions, so I have corrected them as best I can and to make them a little more realistic and to work properly.

Install mod
-Copy Missions folder from archive to: c:\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\Dcs\
-Run DCS Campaign from USER campaign TAB

Fixes done by MadDog-IC
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