Squadron Leader Bruce Lane

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DCS: World 2.5
Spitfire LF Mk. IX
Squadron Leader Bruce Lane

Squadron Leader Bruce Lane

Автор - ChuckIV
Дата - 19.10.2019 05:21
** FIXED SCORING PROBLEMS & AI ERRORS ** It is May of 1944, and as Squadron Leader Bruce Lane, your squadron, the 331st is scheduled to perform your 11:45 CAP sortie over the English Channel.  As squadron and Blue Group leader, you will fly with and command both Yellow and Red Groups via the F10 menu.  Although sightings of the enemy over the channel have diminished as of late, do no underestimate their strength.  Enemy fighters have been observed in GRUPPENS and SCHWARM sizes.  As squadron leader, it is your responsibility to keep your pilots alive and safe.  Make the tough decisions to ensure this outcome ** Park in the repair hangar facing outwards to end sortie ** Uses NEW FW190 A-8 module and WWII ASSETS ** PLEASE feel free to COMMENT - I'm always looking for ways to improve my missions **

Red Group has already taken off from Funtington (the Bullseye) at 11:45 hours to intercept any enemy fighters over the channel.  Take off and orbit Funtington clockwise, and give the order for your other two groups to join up.  To avoid a head-on conflict at low altitude, you may choose to fly along the coast to gain altitude prior to your search of enemy aircraft.  Fly in trail formation with Yellow Group port and Red Group starboard.  You have the option of flying in close or open squadron formation.  Observe the Funtington bulls calls to close in on your enemy.  Simply find them and destroy them before they find you.  Keep it safe, and come back alive.  Park in the repair hangar facing outwards upon your return to base.  Good luck Pilots.

ALL Spitfire 331st Groups - Channel A
Funtington ATC - channel D

+3 to +5 points for ENEMY AIRCRAFT downed
-5 points for each FRIENDLY AIRCRAFT downed
>50 points - mission success
<50 points - mission failure
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