Ustio Air Force AJS-37 Viggen - Ace Combat Zero (35th AFU)

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AJS-37 Viggen
Ustio Air Force AJS-37 Viggen - Ace Combat Zero (35th AFU)

Ustio Air Force AJS-37 Viggen - Ace Combat Zero (35th AFU)

Тип - Текстура
Автор - TheMrSir46
Дата - 01.09.2019 07:44
Ace Combat Zero , Ustio Air Force, Scorpius Team, 6th Air Division, 35th Air Force Unit.

[Pilot data in description]

[Pilot Data]       Aircraft No.83
Name: Marko Zebic
Scorpius 1
Age 48
Status: Shot Down

A former Wielvakia air force pilot he joined the foreign mercenary forces in Ustio at the start of the war, assigned to
lead Scorpius Team. On 04.1.95 he was shot down near the Ustio/Sapin border later being captured and interned as a p.o.w
in Belka. Towards the end of the war he mysteriously vanished from his camp along with all records that he was ever
a prisoner with testimonies from other prisoners being the only evidence that he was ever there. In 1997 his remains
were discovered in aircraft wreckage near the Avalon Dam facility leading many to believe he had joined the organization
A World With No Boundaries and was killed in Operation Point Blank.
[Pilot Data]       Aircraft No.42
Name: Carlos Varela
Scorpius 2
Age 29
San Salvacan
Status: Shot Down

A former member of the San Salvacan Air Defence force he opted to become a mercenary for Adventure and better pay.
On 04.01.95 he and his flight lead were engaged with belkan forces near the Sapin border when his aircraft suffered heavy damage
from AA fire. He was able to fly towards a friendly airbase in Sapin but crashed on landing resulting in a severe back injury,
spending the rest of the war in a military hospital. After the war he returned to San Salvacion to take up work in the family
business, eventually going on to play a part in aiding resistance fighters during Erusea's occupation in 2003-2005

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