Eastern Friendship - Mission 2 Harrier Edition (version 2.4, updated February 2020)

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DCS: World 2.5
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
Eastern Friendship - Mission 2 Harrier Edition (version 2.4, updated February 2020)

Eastern Friendship - Mission 2 Harrier Edition (version 2.4, updated February 2020)

Автор - SEDLO
Дата - 23.02.2020 12:48

Today’s mission will be an on-call close air support mission to support Georgian and NATO ground force in retaking the village of Iskari.  We will likely be tasked with destroying a fortified bunker on the west side of the town itself, so the jets are loaded with 2 GBU-12 each.

For several days, separatist rebels, backed by Russian Special Forces and GRU operatives have been in control of several Georgian villages in the northern part of the country. The operation to retake this hamlets begins today, as friendly ground forces begin to sweep West to East with the goal of routing the insurgents.






Scheduled times are as follows:

Step    11:25
Start    12:25
Taxi     12:30
T/O     12:31

Colt 51 will taxi out at 12:30 and depart runway 08.  Following take off, expect to be cleared to WP.2 and to contact MAGIC.  Follow instructions given by MAGIC.  (It’s important to navigate towards the waypoints you’ve been cleared to, until directed to do otherwise by ATC or MAGIC).

Ensure that ECM/Chaff/Flares are set, make sure the bombs are set up correctly.  AAA/MANPAD threats can be anticipated anywhere in the theatre of operations.



The Russians have clandestinely re-enforced rebel ground forces in and around Abkhazia, South Ossettia.  Air Defences include ZSU-23 emplacements throughout Northern Georgia, as well as mobile ZSU-23 Shilkas and SA-8 Gecko IR mobile SAMs. These may in fact be manned by active duty Russian Armed Forces and/or GRU/FSB personnel, along with special Russian “volunteers”.

There is now an active SA-6 site operating at Gudauta airfield, built by the Russians and manned by Russian “volunteers”, mostly either ex-military or rich playboy types who are looking for adventure.

MANPADs are expected anywhere in the AO, including on the Georgian side of the border.  


The Russian Air Force has currently been operating an almost 24 hour a day CAP just north of the border.  Do not cross the Georgian/Russian border at any time!

NATO fighters are cleared to fire on any hostile aircraft within Georgian airspace that is either,

•    Declared hostile by MAGIC
•    Has fired on NATO aircraft or Ground Forces


METAR UGKO 010800z 07005KT 5SM –BR SKC -4/-08 29.92 NOSIG

TAF UGKO 010800z 0105/0205 07005KT P5SM –RA FEW110 TEMPO 0210/0220 3SM BR –SN

UGSB METAR UGSB 010800z 09005KT 5SM –BR SKC -04/-09 29.92 NOSIG

TAF UGSB 010305Z 0105/0105 07005KT P5SM –RA FEW110 TEMPO 0210/0220 3SM BR –SN

Weather in the target area is forecast to be generally VFR, clear skies but visibility dropping down to 4-6 miles in light mist or fog.  Winds are going to be light out of the east.

The Jetstream is far north and will not be a factor.  Contrail altitude is forecast to be at 17,000msl.


Easy Comms are disabled.  You will need to change radio frequencies in game in order to make things work.

There are a few instances in the mission where you will need to use the Radio Menu / F10 other menu.  

You CAN use the standard radio menu items to:
•    Contact Magic (AWACS) 234.8
•    Contact Texaco 11 (air refuelling tanker) 328.5
•    Command your Wingman 234.8

Besides the examples above, you will not need to use the sstandard radio menu to contact ATC or other mission elements.  These will happen at certain times or when you pass certain waypoints.  

Make sure you have the correct frequencies active in your radios, and you use the correct radio transmit button!
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