Eastern Friendship - Mission 4 Harrier Edition

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DCS: World 2.5
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
Eastern Friendship - Mission 4 Harrier Edition

Eastern Friendship - Mission 4 Harrier Edition

Автор - SEDLO
Дата - 01.09.2019 07:44

Today’s mission will focus on attacking Russian military and intelligence operations in and around the Sukhumi area.  

Targets include Russian Air Force Transports and MiG-29s on the Sukhumi Airfield, plus Russian shipping and ammo storage north in the area as well.

COLT 5 flight’s primary mission is to bomb the weapons storage bunker adjacent to the shipping down, north of Sukhumi Airport.  If unable to locate or get weapons on this target, COLT 5’s secondary mission is to bomb any aircraft on the runways at Sukhumi Airport.

Battlespace CCC will be via MAGIC and strikers will coordinate on 369.1.  Remember to maintain radio and radar silence until after PUSH Time 05:42.





IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU READ THE FULL MISSION BRIEFING AT: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wj9md9qcn9l7epe/AAACFyrHk3VscRUkukkJX06Ya?dl=0


Radio and Radar silence must be maintained fr om engine start up until push time of 05:40.  Any radio or radar transmissions may alert the enemy!

Some aircraft in this strike package are not capable of HAVE QUICK, so all comms will be in the clear.  Use code words / brevity when and where appropriate.

Upon exiting target area, contact MAGIC on 369.1 with words.  Expect the overhead recovery at Kutaisi.


Most communications with air traffic control and mission elements are scripted in the mission, and do not need any intervention by the players in order to work.  Do not use the default ATC comm menus in the game.  

There are a few instances in the mission wh ere you will need to use the Radio Menu / F10 Other menu to make a choice.  
You CAN use the standard radio menu items to:

•    Contact Magic (AWACS) 369.1
•    Contact Texaco 11 (air refuelling tanker) 328.5
•    Command your Wingman 369.1

Besides the examples above, you will not need to use the radio menu to contact ATC or other mission elements.  These will happen at certain times or when you pass certain waypoints.  

Make sure you have the correct frequencies active in your radios, and you use the correct radio transmit button!

(and yes, I know some of the briefing documents say Hornet on them.  This mission was originally written for the Hornet, adapted for the Harrier.

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