Oil In The Water - F/A-18C Campaign (SP & CO) Hot Start

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DCS World 2.7

Oil In The Water - F/A-18C Campaign (SP & CO) Hot Start

Тип - Кампания
Загрузил - BunnyClark
Дата - 28.07.2019 04:58:13
Inspired by recent events and the Tanker Wars, Oil In The Water tells the story of an escalating conflict between the US and Iran that is sparked by Iran's attack of two oil tankers with Silkworm missiles as they transit the Strait of Hormuz.

Tensions are high between Iran and the United States as progress on a new nuclear weapons treaty falters and a series of unsolved bombings damage oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Fly a US Navy F/A-18C Hornet as part of the USS George Washington carrier battle group in the Persian Gulf as conflict escalates to all out war in a series of confrontations inspired by the events of May and June 2019 and the Tanker Wars of 1987 and 1988.

**Requires the F/A-18C Hornet, Persian Gulf Map, and Super Carrier Module**

This is a 16 mission single-player campaign, along with 2-player co-op variants of every mission. Each mission is fully robo-voiced. This is the Hot Start version of the campaign. There is also a Cold Start version available, downloadable here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315461/

Version 0.1:
-Missions 1 through 3, both single-player and 2-player co-op versions.

Version 2.0:
-Major update and re-work. Now includes Single Player and 2-Player Co-Op Missions 1 through 7, an actual DCS campaign, and an update to use the Super Carrier Module.

Version 2.1:
-Added 3 new missions, bringing the total to 10.
-Complete re-work of AI scripting. Wingmen should be useful in every mission now, and non-flight AI should behave more reliably.
-Reworked all the scoring so negative scores are no longer possible.
-Fixed an issue in mission 2 where damaging the Mi-8s and causing them to flee wasn’t counted as a win.
-Added NVGs equipped by default in night missions.
-Added custom kneeboards to every mission.

Version 2.2:
-Added missions 11 and 12.
-Minor tweaks to briefings and environment in multiple missions.
-Corrected some static object placement on carrier deck for more reliable AI taxiing.
-File and name changes in the campaign means a simple overwrite probably won’t work for updating a campaign in progress this time. That should no longer be an issue moving forward from this point. If you have a campaign in progress you’d like to update removing the “HS” from the end of the campaign file name should let you overwrite it.

Version 2.3:
-Added Mission 0, a prologue at the start of the campaign.
-Changed all JDAMs carried by Hornets to the Navy versions.
-Fixed a mistake in Mission 11 scoring that prevented the campaign from progressing.

Version 2.4:
-Added Mission 13
-Fixed scoring in all missions so a failure will reset to that mission rather than sending you to the previous one.
-Added ZSU-57-2 to areas around Bandar Abbas.
-Fixed game options enforcement in Mission 0.
-Added scenery destruction around Bandar Abbas so you’ll see the results of previous missions as the campaign progresses.

Version 2.5:
-Missions 14 and 15 added, which concludes the campaign!
-A lot of tweaking and cleanup of airbase faction assignments, hiding objects on the map, AI flight radio frequencies, and generally correcting earlier missions to be consistent with later ones.
-Added a voice line in Mission 2 if the helicopters flee the area to let you know that objective is complete.

Version 2.6:
-Mission 3: Lowered Enemy AI skill level. Changed MiG-29 loadout to 2x R-27R and 4x R-60.
-Mission 13: More reliable triggers for starting the strike.
-Mission 14: Corrected briefing to add instructions for utilizing AI wingman.

Version 2.7:
**Requires DCS Version 2.7!**
-All missions updated with new clouds. 
-LIGHTENING replaced with ATFLIR in all relevant missions. 
-All mission scoring updated: now if you end the mission without being shot down and sel ect END MISSION you will advance to the next mission in the campaign regardless of if you completed your objectives. If you wish to immediately try the mission again sel ect FLY AGAIN, if you wish to come back and try the mission again later select CLOSE and confirm that your progress will be lost. If you are shot down without completing any objectives you will be forced to fly the mission again. 
-Missions 10 and 11 updated to add new AAA barrage fire.
-Mission 12 updated with a new, more reliable, trigger for the strikers completing their objective. 

Version 2.8:
-Adjusted all chaff and flare loads to 60/60
-Eliminated all single-missile AMRAAM loads on wing stations since they're silly now.
-Changed Mission 14 to use SLAM-ER.
-Changed Mission 5 co-op mission to have the wingman use the human weapon load rather than the stupid AI weapon load.
-Fixed a few single player missions that were accidentally saved with the co-op versions.  

Version 2.9:
-More reliable (hopefully) trigger for helicopters shot down and/or fleeing in Mission 2.
-Cleaned up units hidden in Mission Planner.
-Replaced the Courageous and Altair with the new Seawise Giant model, and updated the Mission 1 and 2 splash images.
-Fixed several AI flights that were performing cold starts in Missions 10, 11, and 12.

Unzip to \Saved Games\DCS\Missions\Campaigns\en

Play the campaign fr om the My Campaigns category.

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