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DCS: World 2.5
Operation St. Michael - Iran Playable

Operation St. Michael - Iran Playable

Автор - TheHighwayman
Дата - 24.07.2019 04:15:57
This is operation St. Michael from the Iranian perspective. Fly either the MiG 29, MiG 21, or F-5E3.

Iran has seized a Ukranian ship under allegations of illegal activity. The ship also had an American national on board, who is a person of interest to both sides. It is expected the Americans will attempt to recover him.

You will begin on the ground in a state of cockpit readiness. If the Americans come, you will be scrambled into action.

I found this mission to be devilishly hard, and have not beat it yet. I am sure the triggers work, but if you find something is broken, please let me know ASAP. Otherwise, enjoy the mission and leave feedback, good or bad, as I learn from all of it.

I will post version updates here, should they be required.
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