Persian Incursion - F5E Tiger vs MiG 21bis

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DCS: World 2.5
F-5E Tiger
Persian Incursion - F5E Tiger vs MiG 21bis

Persian Incursion - F5E Tiger vs MiG 21bis

Автор - TheHighwayman
Дата - 25.06.2019 01:36
Iran and the UAE are caught in an escalating political and economic conflict. Iran has chosen to fly fighters off the coast of the UAE to test their defenses. You are a pilot in the UAEAF, your mission is to intercept the Iranian fighters.

This mission features random triggers for a little variety.

Players will want the UAE skin for their F-5s.

Feedback. both positive and critical are welcome.

NOTE: Mission updated to v1.1 on 6.23.19 - Repaired broken trigger for "intimidation" tactic. Tactic now works when appropriate.
NOTE: Mission updated to v1.3 on 6.24.19 - Mislabeled Blue force "Bahrain" when it should be the United Arab Emirates. Version 1.2 not uploaded.
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