HMS Hermes R12 Version 2 Phase 1

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DCS: World 2.5
HMS Hermes R12 Version 2 Phase 1

HMS Hermes R12 Version 2 Phase 1

Автор - Joey45
Дата - 09.06.2019 04:16
Version 2 of my HMS Hermes mod of the 70s and 80s refits

HMS Hermes
Laid down just before WW2 ended she was finally commissioned in 1959 as an angled deck carrier
This is the first major refit of Hermes when she was converted from a Cat 'n' trap to a Commando / ASW ship
This heavily modified the island and a chunk out of the angled deck for the LCVP boats while having the cats and traps removed. The radar was changed as well.

This conversion added the ramp and modified the island more with added radars and other stuff.

INS Viraat
When she moved to India her major differences was her weapons and radars. She served India un early 2017
I will probably make her as Viraat at a later date.

I am going to release her in 3 Phases

Phase 1 'sea trials'
working deck lights
working seacat missiles
finding any errors / problems
any feedback on what can be improved

Phase 2 'shakedown cruise'

testing what was changed / fixed
more weapons ie MGs
and anything else I forgot
added decol layers **IF POSSIBLE**

Phase 3 'WAR'
final release
PSDs / templates released

late 60s  Cat 'n' Trap will happen.... Just not yet

Hope you like and please any feed back will be welcomed

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