Iron Eagle Campaign [FA-18/PG]

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Iron Eagle Campaign [FA-18/PG]

Iron Eagle Campaign [FA-18/PG]

Тип - Кампания
Автор - forestrat
Дата - 12.04.2019 09:01
Iron Eagle is a 3-part campaign in which you pilot the mighty Iron Hornet (placeholder) in an attempt to rescue your father who was shot down and captured.

The trailer can be found here:

Does it work multiplayer?  Good question.  
I designed it to work with up to 4 human players, but I haven't had the privilege to test it.


Mission 01 has two versions available.

01 Lite:  This version requires no mod.
01 VPC:  This version requires the user to install the VPC Airfield Equipment mod.

The only difference is the VPC version has more flightline decoration for the 7 minutes you're on the ground.  
Once you take off, there is no difference.

How do I install the VPC Airfield Equipment?
You may download it here:

Extract it and place the "main" folder inside the "tech" folder in your Saved Games DCS folder.
The end result will look close to this:  X:\Users\YourPCname\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech\main

I've included an FA-18 Abbreviated Autostart:
I disliked the text spam that comes with the autostart, so I removed the pop-up text outside of Start, Stop, and Complete.
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