F14 "Heatblur" Menu Theme

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DCS: World 2.5
F14 "Heatblur" Menu Theme

F14 "Heatblur" Menu Theme

Автор - Silentdark666
Дата - 21.03.2019 05:06
This is a Mod for the DCS F14 "Wallpaper and loading screen and music" that changes the DCS in game Menu for the Heatblur F14 Tomcat. This mod is not endorsed by Heatblur in any way and is just my version of what I think a Heatblur Theme would look like.

Installation: Unzip and Install the file "F14 Menu Theme - Heatblur" into you JSGME "_MODS" Folder in DCS and Activate via JSGME then enable the F14 Wallpaper via the F14 Menu Icon!

Enjoy and Happy Flying!

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  • Язык: Английский
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Теги: theme, heatblur, tomcat, F14