Su-25T - Civil Air Patrol CAP USAF Auxiliary (fictional)

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Su-25T - Civil Air Patrol CAP USAF Auxiliary (fictional)

Тип - Текстура
Загрузил - bigmacx
Дата - 09.03.2019 00:44:16
Custom skin for a fictional Su-25T flown by the Civil Air Patrol

Custom Civil Air patrol skin with pilot in CAP flight uniform and parachute skin with CAP propellers.

For me, I installed this skin by uncompressing the files (retaining the top-level "Liveries" directory) into your SavedGames\DCSxxxxx directory

Doing an Su-25T skin gives a lot of respect for that tail section and the lower area where all the sensors and stuff are located. Stripes be hard, my dude.
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