The Un-Official RoughtMet Patch

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DCS: World 2.5
The Un-Official RoughtMet Patch

The Un-Official RoughtMet Patch

Тип - Другой
Автор - Fallen_AK
Дата - 28.07.2019 02:51
An unofficial patch to bring most of DCS's older modules to life, and allow custom roughmet creation for skinners, by taking advantage of PBR(Physics Based Rendering) introduced in the release of 2.0 and 2.5. This patch is MP safe, and Mod manager friendly.

These are as set of Stock-a-like/Realistic-ish RoughMet textures designed to bring some of DCS's older modules to life by taking advantage of PBR (Physics Based Rendering). And To enable skin creators to make their own custom RoughMet textures for their liveries. Something that was previously Impossible due to game limitations. The Patch is OVGME/JGSME friendly, and is also an easy manual install if thats more your style. We highly suggest the use of a mod manager, as a manual UN-Installation is going to be tedious. These are all DCS Multiplayer safe, and have been tested and confirmed to not fail the IC. A small disclaimer, while care was taken to maintain the stock-like / realistic appearance of the jet, we are NOT professional graphics artists, and as such these skins, while good looking, are not perfect in every way.>

Skins created by:
T. Nark
TheNikPlay AKA TEXAC - F-15C Roughmet.

Included are the following aircraft;
- F-15C
- Su27
- Su33
- J-11A
- AJS-37
- F-86 - Removed, ED has included roughmets for this model.
- L-39
- Mig-15
- F-5E
- Uh-1
- Mi-8
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