F-86 - Civil Air Patrol CAP USAF Auxiliary (fictional)

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F-86F Sabre

F-86 - Civil Air Patrol CAP USAF Auxiliary (fictional)

Тип - Текстура
Автор - bigmacx
Дата - 22.11.2018 03:33:17
Custom skin for a fictional F-86 flown by the Civil Air Patrol

Custom Civil Air patrol skin with pilot in CAP flight uniform and parachute skin with CAP propeller along with several versions of the base aircraft skin for gloss & matt and clean & dirty styles.

For me, I installed this skin by uncompressing the files (retaining the top-level "Liveries" directory) into your SavedGames\DCSxxxxx directory

Tail was kind of odd to make, but when viewed from the side, all the stripes line up nicely. Stripes be hard, my dude
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