Unlock all Liveries in Multiplayer!

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DCS: World 2.5
Unlock all Liveries in Multiplayer!

Unlock all Liveries in Multiplayer!

Тип - Текстура
Автор - b1n4ry
Дата - 31.03.2020 08:14
Unlocking all DCS standard liveries for MP!

Currently included modules:
A-10A, A-10C, AJS37, AV8BNA, BF-109K-4, C-101, Christen Eagle II, f_a-18C, F-15C, F-16C, f-16c bl.50, F-5EF-86, F14, FA-18C, FW-190A8, FW-190D9, I-16, ka-50, L-39, M-2000C, Mi-8mt, MiG-15bis, MiG-19P, MiG-21bis, mig-29a, mig-29g, mig-29s, P-51D, SA342, su-25, su-25t, su-27, su-33, uh-1h, YAK-52, JF-17, J-11A, ChinaAssetPack, SpitfireLFMkIX

last update 31.03.2020

You can use my unlock script or executable here:

I modded all 'description.lua's in all liveries, commenting out the "countries = [...]" line. That makes it available for all countries.
It is MP compatible (no IC failure)
These are the DCS standard liveries, which should be visible for all players on the server.

Copy the "Bazar" and "CoreMods" into you DCS main directory.
Confirm overwrite.
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