Operation Coup-de-Grace

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DCS: World 2.5
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
Operation Coup-de-Grace

Operation Coup-de-Grace

Автор - VRACG-Tempest
Дата - 14.11.2018 15:57:29

PLAYERS: 8 (expandable)
MODULES: AV-8B "Harrier II" and F/A-18C "Hornet" TASK: Strike and Escort
LEARNING OUTCOMES: In-Flight Refueling, Long-range Maritime Navigation, Flight Coordination and Carrier Ops.
SITUATION: Harriers are tasked with striking a warship undergoing dry-dock repairs in the port of Tuapse. Hornets will escort. This is a long flight with in-flight refueling being necessary for success. The final run in will be a wave-top level, coming in high will trigger a response. Get in, get out, destroy that ship.

<>Friendly AI versions of the Hornets and Harriers that you can trigger.
<>Three clear difficulty modes you can trigger for setting defenses.
<>Neatened up everything a bit. Set Harriers to ZUNI load-out as this works better for the mission.

Four Harriers will take off from the LHA-1 "Tarawa" just before dawn and will join up with four Hornets operating from the CVN-74 "Stennis". Together they will fly to the refueling zone and top up. Then they will fly to the Descent point, wh ere all flights will drop down to wave-top height and make for the target area.
The Harriers will fly to the IP point, an off-set to give the safest attack line to the dry-dock. The Hornets will pop-up, sweep the area of fighters and keep the attention of air-defenses.
NOTE: This mission is possible to complete flying just a solitary AV-8B. If you're flying with friends and want to make it harder you can trigger the fighters earlier or add additional SAM and AAA threats.
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