Fade Away - sandbox mission ver. 2.2

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Fade Away - sandbox mission ver. 2.2

Автор - ghashpl
Дата - 04.11.2018 19:00:31
Operation "Fade Away" is pure sandbox that covers nearly all the Caucasian map where the main task is to liberate airports from enemy forces.
All enemy units has 40-60% spawn probability. This means everytime you start, RNG will decide: amount of units, their positions and overall aerodrome difficulty.
I tried to make this mission relaxing so there are no time trials. Every airport is a separate area so you don't need to clear them in any order.
Operation is ready to play it single or in co-op. By default you cannot see red units on F10 map.

Note: all SAMs are not spawned - you have to manually add them by F10 radio menu

Downloadable file contain 2 version:
Ver. 1 - covers only the east region (for weaker PCs)
Ver. 2 - covers east and west region (recommended)

ver. 2.2 - SAM manual spawn
ver. 2.1 - F-16 added
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