RAF sqn Hornet pack V2

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
RAF sqn Hornet pack V2

RAF sqn Hornet pack V2

Тип - Текстура
Автор - Blackbeard
Дата - 27.07.2018 19:29:03
RAF Liveries For the Hornet Lot 20
Includes the pack 1 and tanks.

This pack contains 7 squadrons with different airframe codes


XX based on the Jaguar

6, 41 and 54

ZA -  based on the Tornado GR
13 squadron only

ZE -  based on the Tornado F

11 , 56 and 111

Each squadron has 2 sets of liveries

If or when ED adds an extra digit to the location then it'll be more authentic.

Any Q's hit me up on the forums.

Here's the thread about the RAF liveries I have done >> https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=211574

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