Chris AJS-37 Viggen Kneeboard Tweaks

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AJS-37 Viggen
Chris AJS-37 Viggen Kneeboard Tweaks

Chris AJS-37 Viggen Kneeboard Tweaks

Автор - chrisinthailand
Дата - 11.03.2018 08:41
Clear concise procedures and weapons pages for the AJS-37 Viggen

Clear and easy to understand, with all procedures from start up to shut down, plus detailed but easily readable in flight pages for weapons preparation and firing. Should be invaluable when learning the Viggen, but also a great reference in cockpit for advanced users.

The file is JSGME ready so just unzip and drop it in your JSGME _Mods folder, or you can save the individual files to your DCS install directory which should be something like..

/DCS World OpenBeta/Mods/aircraft/AJS37/Cockpit/scripts/KNEEBOARD/indicator/CONTENT.

Happy flying
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