F5 Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle Overlay

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F-5E Tiger

F5 Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle Overlay

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Загрузил - tom_19d
Дата - 05.03.2018 17:26:43
A printable overlay for the TM Warthog Throttle for use in the F5

Thank you for your interest in my F5 throttle overlay.  I primarily fly 3 aircraft in DCS and have a different throttle map for 2 of them (the 3rd is the default A10C) and as I am spending a lot more time moving back and forth between the F86 and the F5 lately, I have been having some difficulty keeping them straight.

As such, presented is my printable overlay for the F5.  I use TARGET GUI for programing, as it is required for some of the functions like the fuel shutoff valves and the master arm switch, but many of these functions could be replicated mapping in engine without TARGET.

To use, simply print the included PDF.  Be sure to use "actual size" in your printing options, as scaling will negatively affect fitment.  I use an xacto knife to cut out the holes.  It can be cut top and bottom across the dashed lines to lay flat, or you can fold over the excess "black" space and attach with some scotch tape as I did in the picture.  

I offer this for free distribution but please do not release edited versions without consultation.

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