UH-1H Vigili Del Fuoco VF-58 2.0

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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey
UH-1H Vigili Del Fuoco VF-58 2.0

UH-1H Vigili Del Fuoco VF-58 2.0

Тип - Текстура
Автор - Porcorosso86
Дата - 11.09.2019 07:15
Vigili del Fuoco (Firefighters) livery for the DCS: UH-1H

Hi there!
Something different of the usual! this livery reproduce the pattern used by italian firefighters, complete with pilot suit and his patches.<br />

Updated the roughmets at the last version.

Type 1)
Drag the .rar contents directly on
\\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\uh-1h
Type 2)
Go to:
C:\Users\UserName\Saved Games\DCS
And if isn't exist, create the folders
and put inside the folder previously extracted.

UH-1H Vigili Del Fuoco VF-58 2.0 is a livery made by PorcoRosso86. Free license, do not redistribuite.
If you want to use my livery like a base of other, please put the credit and the link of the original skin.
Don't modify the original LUA comments of the original creator, but add another comment.
  • Лицензия: Свободная - Бесплатная версия, Не для распространения
  • Язык: Любой язык
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