MiG-21bis Kutaisi A2A Scramble Multi-Mission

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DCS: World 1.5
MiG-21bis Kutaisi A2A Scramble Multi-Mission

MiG-21bis Kutaisi A2A Scramble Multi-Mission

Автор - ZoomBoy27
Дата - 02.06.2017 11:07
MiG-21bis Runway Start for  Air-to-Air A2A Random missions - 8 different mission types facing 3 or 4 different type of enemy Flights

MiG-21bis Kutaisi Runway Scramble - MULTI-MISSION

This is NOT multi-player but single-player where you start at the Kutaisi runway and wait for 1 of 8 air-to-air mission types
Your opponents will be varied Russian & Iranian fighters (F5E, MiG-21, MiG-23)

The AWACS Radio will give you the air-to-air mission type as you wait on the runway.

Restart the mission to get a very probably different task and opponent
Not totally random but enough to keep you busy

Enjoy the action
Updated Mission 1.1
- Fixed one enemy flight so that they would not crash into HUGE mountain
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