174th Aviation Company "DOLPHINS" UH-1H Huey PACK 2/2

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UH-1H Huey

174th Aviation Company "DOLPHINS" UH-1H Huey PACK 2/2

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Дата - 28.04.2017 20:07:07
Nine 174HC "Helicopter Company" Dolphins Vietnam uh-1h huey skins.

The 174th Aviation Company was formed in 1965 and deployed in Vietnam from 1966 to 1971.
The Unit was formed by attack helicopters AHC "Sharks", and HC slicks (Transport) helicopters "Dolphins".
The warhorse for the 174HC  were the UH-1D and UH-1H; the skin has been created as faithfully as possible for the UH-1H.

El 174AHC fue formado en 1965 y desplegado en Vietnam de 1966 a 1971.  
La unidad estaba formada por los helicópteros de ataque (AHC) "Sharks", y los helicópteros de transporte (HC) "Dolphins". El caballo de batalla para el 174HC eran el UH-1D y UH-1H, el skin se ha creado lo más fielmente posible para el UH-1H.
The models represented are / Los modelos representados son:
- SN 6815463 "Satan"
- SN 6509911
- SN 6509946
- SN 6616954
- SN 6717543 "Schlitz"
- SN 6616235 "D Machina"
- SN 6717281
- SN 6600874 C&C    -----> Command and Control
- SN 6717410 "WitchDoctor" ----> Mechanic (I think xD).

File ready for unzip and use with JSGME. Archivo listo para descomprimir y usar con el JSGME.

Feel free to comment. Se admiten comentarios gustosamente.

Most of the information and documents it has obtained from  www.174ahc.org
La mayor parte de la información y documentación se ha recabado de www.174ahc.org

You can see more of my skins in: www.dcsskins.com
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