TM Hotas Cougar profile for DCS Su-25T

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DCS: World 2.5
TM Hotas Cougar profile for DCS Su-25T

TM Hotas Cougar profile for DCS Su-25T

Автор - Rudel-Chw
Дата - 25.12.2016 21:26:48
Based on a Flaming Cliffs 2 profile created by Viper (; Legolasindar @ DCS Forums). This second version has been redesigned to add support for snapviews and MP communication software; and also the number of commands binded to each button have been reduced to make them easier to remember.

Profile tested with DCS World 2.5; driver Thrustmaster 2007_HCO_Vista_64_RC1; Foxy 4.2

Cougar Mode:
After downloading the Profile into the Cougar memory, make sure that on the Cougar Control Panel the mode "Button & Axis emulation" is ON (green):

Where to put the Files:
Put the four files of this Profile, on the folder  Program Files (x86)\HOTAS\Files.

Track IR
This Profile is designed to be used with TrackIR. It has no buttons setup for view control. The key RCTL F9 should be set as tracking on-off togle, for snapviews buttons to work as intended.

The Profile can use both DCS Simple Radio and Discord. On Discord the key LCTL 4 should be set as PTT; on Simple Radio the keys LCTL 8 and LCTL 0 should be assigned as Common PTT and Select next Radio respectively.

Rudder Pedals
Since I dont have Rudder pedals, I've designed this profile so that the ANT rotary can be assigned as Rudder, since it's easy to control using your thumb. Assign this Axis on Option-Controls within DCS.

Special Functions of this Profile:

1) The "Dog Fight" button is not used.

2) Press simultaneously the buttons S3 and S4 of the Joystick, during half a second, to initiate the Eject sequence.

3) The Cougar has a dual contact trigger (TG1 y TG2), this Profile usese only TG2, so in order to fire you must press the trigger all the way.

4) The throtle's Microstick is used to move the targeting designator on the TV display (and on the HUD for Elint). This function is affected by the keyboard timing parameters set on Windows; for best result set "Repeat Delay" to shortest and "Repeat Rate" to Fast (on Windows Control Panel -> Keyboard)
Since on some Cougars the Microstick doenst work smoothly, it is also possible to move this cursor using Hat3. Use wichever works best.

5) The RNG rotary is used as a View Zoom Control rather than a Zoom Axis. Pressing down on the rotary, resets the Zoom to normal, pressing it again Zooms to max instantly.

Again, my thanks to "Viper", for giving me an example on the programming of the TM Hotas Cougar using Foxy.
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