Yugoslav Air Force Livery for the New MiG-29A Model

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Yugoslav Air Force Livery for the New MiG-29A Model

Тип - Текстура
Загрузил - Krasniye
Дата - 07.09.2016 07:05:39
Another livery for the beautiful new MiG-29A Model. This time, we are going to Yugoslavia. This livery is based on the current in-game Russian livery but with proper markings and numbers. Yugoslavian MiG-29As had nearly identical patterns and colors as their Russian counterparts.

Copy pasted from the readme:

Thank you for downloading the Yugoslav Air Force Livery for the new MiG-29A by Krasniye
The current version is v1.0
This mod may be in a future new MiG-29A livery pack by Krasniye.
This mod is based on the current AF standard livery currently in DCS, the Yugoslav Air Force seemed to use a very similar camouflage pattern and identical colors for their aircraft so the base livery was good enough in my eyes to use. This means it's not 100% accurate to the real thing, but it's damn near close.
Installation Instructions:
Put the folder named 'Yugoslav AF' in the directory:
Bazar>Liveries>mig-29a from your root folder.

Select a Russian MiG-29A in the mission editor and chose Yugoslav AF.
Want more liveries for the new MiG-29A and others? Find them all here:

Happy flying :)
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