SU33 PSD Template (Updated_2016_09_28)

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SU33 PSD Template (Updated_2016_09_28)

SU33 PSD Template (Updated_2016_09_28)

Тип - Текстура
Автор - VentZero
Дата - 28.09.2016 12:11
I made this based on the SU27 PSD template.

I made this based on the SU27 PSD template.
A lot of work and clicks went into making this. Doing rivets is not fun. It turned out quite nice I think and it is on par with the SU27 PSD template.
Basically I took the SU27 PSD and changed the parts accordingly. Repainted seams and rivets, distorted the occlusion layer to fit the different shape of the SU33. Weathering and decals are available.

Feel free to make awesome SU33 skins with this [:

EDIT: After I received a PM from Flogger23m showing me some small details that weren't quite right I corrected them.

EDIT: Fixed some more things. Thanks to Flogger23m again.

EDIT: getting there ;)
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