P-51D_Lucky Lady VII and J-901 / Update_2

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P-51D Mustang
P-51D_Lucky Lady VII and J-901 / Update_2

P-51D_Lucky Lady VII and J-901 / Update_2

Тип - Текстура
Автор - KIZIR_77
Дата - 28.05.2016 10:53
That P-51D, serial 44-72773, has been repainted and restored in 2008-2009 by MeierMotors GmbH in Germany, the owner decide to revive the "Lucky Lady VII" on this occasion.
The original "Lucky Lady VII" was used on the European Theatre in 1944 and was piloted by Captain Ernie Bankey, "The Tiger of Bonn", 17 victories.

The P-51D with temporary Swiss livery - J-901 - Payerne AIR 2014 - coming soon

I invite you to see the video and especially listen to the Merlin on the following link:


Have Fun!

_1 !!! Correction of the aircraft nose and typography "Lucky Lady" !!!
_2 !!! Addition polished aluminum effect, corrected markings, rivets/fences added !!!
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