M-2000C Noob Startup Tutorial

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M-2000C Noob Startup Tutorial

Автор - Nevyn
Дата - 25.02.2016 06:11:06
M-2000C Startup Tutorial (***Updated: Ver 0.2 Now with voice acting***)

This M-2000C Noob Startup Tutorial is based loosely on Chuck's Mirage 2000C Guide which can be found here:    


***Updated: V 0.2 This version includes some changes to the startup sequence and some minor fixes. More importantly though, this version now contains  voice acting courtesy of xxJohnxx. You can find xxJohnxx DCS video tutorials on his You Tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgf5iXct_J8EQ_erBSsu6OA

** V 0.1 Updated version has some minor changes, mainly to the message text, and fixed DEST light on the INS that was not engaging**

(Disclaimer: Yes, this tutorial is done in the early morning darkness on purpose, if you would like one for the day time, then let me know in the comments and I will create one)
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