Logbook Slovenian Air Force Updated v3

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DCS: World 1.5
Logbook Slovenian Air Force Updated v3

Logbook Slovenian Air Force Updated v3

Автор - Beefdork
Дата - 01.02.2016 16:22:45
This mod allows your logbook pilot to fly for Slovenia. (JSGME ready)
Added two new medals.
Updated for game version

It includes 8 squadrons with insignia:
- 15. polk vojaskega letalstva
- 15. polk vojaskega letalstva poveljstvo
- 151. helikopterska eskadrilja
- 152. letalska eskadrilja
- 153. letalska tehnicna eskadrilja
- 107. letalska baza
- letalska sola
- 16. center za nadzor in kontrolo zracnega prostora

It has custom names for ranks:
- Porocnik = Second Lieutenant
- Nadporocnik = First Lieutenant
- Stotnik = Captain
- Major = Major
- Podpolkovnik = Lieutenant Colonel
- Polkovnik = Colonel

Mod includes 12 medals:
- Castni vojni znak (score 200)
- Medalja za ranjence (score 600)
- Red generala Maistra I. stopnje (score 1000)
- Red Slovenske vojske (score 1400)
- Zlata medalja vojaku Slovenske vojske (score 1800)
- Zlata medalja nacelnika generalstaba (score 2200)
- Medalja za zasluge ( score 2600)
- Srebrna medalja generala Maistra (score 3000)
- Zlata medalja generala Maistra (score 4000)
- Srebrna medalja Slovenske vojske (score 5000)
- Zlata medalja Slovenske vojske (score 6000)
- Medalja za hrabrost (score 7000)

Planes that are inluded in mod are P-51D, A-10A, F-15C, MiG-29S, Su-27, Su-25T, TF-51D, An-26B and planes that are included by default.
Ground units are T-72B, T-55, Marder, LAV-25, SA-18 Igla-S manpad, Roland ADS, Roland Radar, Hawk system, KAMAZ Truck, M978 HEMTT Tanker, Hummer, M1043 HMMWV Armament, M1045 HMMWV TOW, Soldier M4, Soldier M249.
It includes two helicopters Mi-8MT and UH-1H and one ship MOLNIYA.
More units can be added or replaced in file db_countries.lua at the bottom of the file under -- Slovenia.

For installation use JSGME mod enabler or manualy copy the files. Make sure you backup original files first.
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