[UH-1H] Rescue Under The Bullets Co8

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UH-1H Huey
[UH-1H] Rescue Under The Bullets Co8

[UH-1H] Rescue Under The Bullets Co8

Автор - MacadamCow
Дата - 20.03.2015 07:41
Insurgents have overrun the Batumi harbor.
They've ambushed the USS Rentz as it was manoeuvering to enter the harbor. The ship is sinking and need evacuation.

Head toward the ship, rescue the survivors (radio F-10) and bring them back to base.

Once safely on the ground, deploy the survivors across the airfield to unlock the various assetst at your disposal.

You'll need those assets to defend the airfield from an upcoming assault and lead a counter-attack to liberate batumi.
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