US Army 160th SOAR Mi-17

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US Army 160th SOAR Mi-17

Тип - Текстура
Автор - nhenley85
Дата - 03.01.2015 11:00:33
One US Army 160th SOAR Mi-17 skin for DCS Mi-8MTV2 (Mi-17).

Black Blade Mod Included.

See description for details...

US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Mi-17.

The main rotor blade textures for the Mi-8/17 are read from the Mi-8 Texture Database in a different location in the DCS Install Folder.  If the blades are changed to black, they will be black on all Mi-8/17 skins.  To allow this to be optional, I have included a small JSGME Black Rotor Blade Mod so that the black blades can be simply turned on and off as the user desires.

Enjoy and thanks for downloading...
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