Bf-109 K4 2KG(J)6 JaPo version

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Bf-109 K4 2KG(J)6 JaPo version

Тип - Текстура
Загрузил - arthuro12
Дата - 26.12.2014 12:12:37
Fresh from the assembly line!

Includes version with and without swastika

Black 12, presumably from 2./KG(J)6 found on the ground in Prague-Ruzyne 1945.
This livery is based on the updated JaPo documentation series and features the colours: RLM 83/77/75/76 as well as metal undersurfaces and leading edges!

She had some testflights but I tried to keep her relatively clean =)

Credits go to JST for the template and DB 605 for the reference material!
Thank you.


Includes version with and without Swastika.


#1 Unzip folder to DCSWorld/Bazar/Liveries/Bf-109K-4
#2 In skin folder, choose .lua file from two sub-folders for swastika or clean and copy file to main folder with other files (Default .lua file is for swastika!)
#3 In DCS, sel ect "Payload" tab in Mission Planner and select the skin fr om the Paint Scheme dropmenu below.
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