Su-27 Maykop Raid export version 1.000.miz

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Su-27 Maykop Raid export version 1.000.miz

Загрузил - Exorcet
Дата - 23.11.2014 04:01:12
Callsign 271, you are being assigned to a CAP mission north of Maykop city. The area is projected to be a high priority target for NATO forces due to the valuable industry within the city, the nearby airfield, and the surrounding anti air defenses. You are to defend all three.

The primary target of defense is Maykop airfield which is our closest airbase to the Abkhazia hot zone. The secondary target is the city itself. Lastly there is the surrounding SAM ring. Maykop is defended by short range Osa SAM units with Tor units stationed further south. There is an additional S-125 site southwest of Maykop near the town of Asperonsk.

Additional friendly aircraft in the area will launch from Maykop if necessary. There are also flights at Krasnodar standying ready to intercept enemy forces.


271 - 4x Su-27S - CAP

021 - 2x MiG-29S - CAP
Krasnodar Su-30 and MiG-29S

Waypoints and Bullseye

Bullseye - 80 kilometers southeast of Krasnodar
WP 0: Takeoff Krymsk
WP 1: 8,500 m 925 TAS
WP 2: 8,500 m 925 TAS - Ingress
WP 3: 8,500 m 925 TAS - CAP
WP 4: 8,500 m 925 TAS - CAP
WP 5: 8,500 m 925 TAS - Egress
WP 6: Landing - Krymsk

Route Length: 475 km
Maximum Range: 225 km
Estimated Flight time: 35 minutes (without CAP orbit)
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