Skin was inspired by the full black Russian Navy Su-33s and alike. Open up the RAR, and drag the "Russian Navy Black" folder into your Disk:\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\F-5E\Liveries\F-5E-3 folder, and enjoy ;) I hope you like the livery and if you do feel free to rate it. Have a safe and pleasant flight! Skin English Any version F-5E Tiger Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Date: 07/28/2019
... Bruiser 1-2 has developed a technical fault which is unlikely to be repaired before mission start.  Therefore Bruiser 1-3 (Player) is urgently being sent fr om the Stennis as a replacement. Recently (and unexpectedly), fighter aircraft (believed to be Mig 28s of unknown origin) have been reported operating out of Abu Musa island, which is along the flight path to Bandar Lengeh. This threat has been assessed as a critical risk to the mission. For this reason, F14’s (as the most capable type in theatre ...
Date: 07/10/2019

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