VF-33 "Starfighters" livery for HeatBlur F-14B Tomcat, BuNo 160395 Hi there! This livery born to a request from Pappy. In this livery I totally rework the roughmets, with a new weathering that looking more realistic as possible. I've also added the LOD for the roughmets, and I used the nozzle texture by watermanpc. But now a little history behind this paintshcheme "The final makings used on most of VF-33’s Tomcats are seen on F-14A, BuNo. 160395, illustrated here as it...
Date: 07/20/2019
226th OSAP Kubinka AB livery for the MI-8 Skin depicting the 226th OSAP Kubinka AB livery on the Mi-8 in the late 1990's. Has the Russian military emblem above the engine intakes and and the Russian flag on the tail boom, boasts are flat green camo Skin English Any version Mi-8MTV2 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 01/21/2019 14:03:52 827
Date: 01/21/2019
SU-27SK demo livery used during the 1990's Livery "27" was used as a demonstration skin for the SU-27 export variant SU-27SK that was offered to the Chinese air force (which later became the J-11A) in the 1990's<br /> <br /> 26/04/18. Updated Screenshot to DCS 2....
Date: 01/19/2019

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