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Mirage 2000C (repaint "3-XD") ETD 2/7, Frisian Flag 2016
Tipo - Livrea
Autore - YoYo
Data - 30.04.2018 16:52:28
ETD 2/7 "Argonne" 3'eme EC, BA 133 Nancy-Ochey, Frisian Flag 2016, FAF 2000D 630 3-XD

Exercise Frisian Flag, a multi-national military exercise designed to bring pilots and ground crews in situations compared to real life. This improves the interoperability between the various NATO air forces, in both air-to-air missions, as well as air-to-ground missions. The exercise takes place in Leeuwarden, Friesland, in the northern part of the Netherlands. This repaint has dedicated stars on the tail - for memorial for victoms of crash 26.01.2015 (Los Llanos AFB).
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