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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
F-16C Israeli Air Force 115th aggressors squadron "The flying dragon squadron" (Barak) V1.31
Tipo - Livrea
Autore - BarTzi
Data - 02.04.2020 18:05:19
Part of BarTzi's Israeli Vipers pack. Check out the rest of them here:

The 115th squadron is used by the Israeli air force in red air and training scenarios. Until recently, the squadron owned only F-16A's but as of 2017, transitioned to the C model with the retirement of the A from the IAF. The squadron uses an older version of the plane (block 40), and thus this is considered a fictional skin.

** Please note that the default version is integrated into DCS**

How to install:
Place the files in: \Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\F-16C_50

26/8/2020- V1.31:
Adjusted the wing pylon textures.
  • Licenza: Gratuito - Versione gratuita, non ridistribuire
  • Lingua: Tutte le lingue
  • Dimensione: 169.96 Mb
  • Scaricato: 1979
  • Commenti: 12
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F-15C 65th Aggressor SQN "Wraith" (Fictional)
Tipo - Livrea
Autore - SnGhost
Data - 13.04.2021 13:17:39
A fictional F-15C Eagle painted with similar livery to the F-16C Block 42 (89-2048)'s "Wraith" camouflage.
  • Licenza: Gratuito - Versione gratuita, distribuzione illimitata
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Dimensione: 24.34 Mb
  • Scaricato: 76
  • Commenti: 2