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Tipo - Livrea
Autore - western0221
Data - 14.09.2021 16:44:42
Rev 3 is uploaded on 13/Oct./2021.
U.S. AIR FORCE operated Boeing 727 tri-jet liners for VIP transport or personnel transport with the designation of C-22.
I draw 5x C-22 liveries for Civil Aircraft Mod.

And Southern Air Transport operated B727's charter flights of USAF between Asian airbases in Vietnam War era.
Its all polished metal style was interesting.

This skinpack needs "Boeing 727 Common Normal map / RoughMet Textures pack Rev3" from here. ---
When you see strange checker blocks on the skins in DCS World, the "Boeing 727 Common Normal map / RoughMet Textures pack Rev3" is not installed / not set-up correctly.
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